Buyer’s Information

The State of Georgia recognizes a buyer’s agent as a realtor who represents the interests of a buyer (purchaser) in a real estate transactions.  Typically, the listing agent represents the seller.  Why would you want the seller’s representative acting on your behalf in such an important proceeding?

Like most buyers, you want to work with a dedicated professional who will advocate for you, educate you, and provide you with key information needed for making informed decisions.  Susie will insure that you understand everything you need and want to know about the home-buying process here in Atlanta.

Why Susie & Beth?

Susie & Beth are full service real estate experts who will coordinate ALL the reputable professionals to assist you in your home purchase. Whether you may need a reputable loan officer, appraiser, inspector or moving service- Susie & Beth have an experienced team in place that will make your move a success!

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As your buyer’s agent, Susie & Beth will:

  • EDUCATE you about the local Atlanta market
  • LEARN your wants and needs
  • ANALYZE your preferred criteria
  • IDENTIFY and SHARE homes that meet your preferred criteria
  • COORDINATE the work of other reputable professionals as needed
  • NEGOTIATE best price and terms of contract on your behalf
  • REVIEW and CORRECT contractual paperwork and deadlines to protect your interests
  • SOLVE & RESOLVE potential problems that might arise in the transaction to ensure a successful purchase transaction experience
  • CELEBRATE successes with you
  • SERVE as an ongoing real estate resource for you

Do I need an agent when buying a house?

No, not at all. But there are few legitimate reasons for not using an agent when purchasing property.  In most cases, the seller is paying the commission anyway, and if there is money to be saved, the commission is always negotiated between the listing agent and the seller, NOT the buyer and seller. Most For Sale By Owner sellers will advertise “protecting agents”, and this means they are paying the buyer’s agent commission. Why risk spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a property without representation?

What is a Buyer’s Agent in Georgia, and how does a homebuyer assure that he or she is being represented by their real estate agent?

In Georgia, a real estate agent cannot, by law, represent you unless you have entered into a written agreement for agency (this is know as an Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement).  Many customers do not understand why an agent would ask them to sign an agreement before showing houses, but in reality, the agent is acting in your best interest.  To insure you have representation, you will want to review and sign an Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement with your realtor.

Would you do business with someone you know is breaking the law?

The Official Code of Georgia, 10-6a et al seq. states that no one is represented as a client by an agent in a real estate transaction without first entering into a written agreement defining the relationship between a real estate agent and a client.  The law goes on to say, that if no written agreement is executed, the agent may only perform ministerial duties to the customer.  That means that the agent cannot, by law, offer you any advice other that performing limited filling out of forms and offering lists of vendors.  As an example, if you have not signed an agreement with your agent, and he or she shows you a house and says “I think we should offer $10,000 less than the asking price,” the agent has broker Georgia License and Agency law and is subject to sanctions.

What are my obligations?

If your agent is a Realtor® and used the Georgia Association of Realtors standard agency agreement, either party may opt out of the deal by simply notifying the other party in writing.  You may, however, be obligated to the agent for any homes  or property that you have already viewed with the agent.  That’s only fair, as the agent did his or her job and found you the property that you want to purchase!

How much will a buyer’s agent cost me?

If you are looking at property that is listed on either Georgia MLS or FMLS, the seller has already agreed to pay the agent’s commission for you. You will never have to pay your buyer’s agent unless the property is not listed and the seller will not agree to pay commission.  If this service is essentially free to you, why would you choose to not receive professional representation?

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