The line shortcode allows you to add a separator line between two bits of content. Optionally you can add a little link inline with the lin. If you don’t know what shortcodes are we recommend you read our article on How to Use Shortcodes. The parameters of this shortcode are:

color By specifying a color you are controling the color of the line. Please take a look at the Color Notes for how to specify colors.

url If you would like to add a link next to the line (to take the user to the top of the page for example) you can do so by adding the url parameter. If given, a link will be generated for you. if you want the link to take users to the top of the page use ‘#’ as the value for this parameter.

text The link will have the text given here. The default text is ‘link’ which you will probably want to change to something more meaningful.

position You can define a position for the link. The position can be left or right (left is the default).


[line url='#' text='top' color='primary']