The map shortcode lets you put a customizable Google map centered on a location you specify anywhere in a post. It comes with a variety of attributes you can use to customize the map. If you don’t know what shortcodes are we recommend you read our article on How to Use Shortcodes. The parameters of this shortcode are:

location Adding this is necessary for the map to show up. It should be an address in plain text, something you would type into the search field in Google Maps.

type The type of map to show. The value can be HYBRID, SATELLITE, ROADMAP, TERRAIN. The default value is ROADMAP.

zoom Set the initial zoom level for a map. If you’re adding a street level map somewhere around 14 (the default) is best. The zoom can range from 1 and up where 1 is the most zoomed out.

marker If set to yes, a marker will be placed at the center of the map, indicating the location you specified

height The height of the map can be set specifically if you need it. By default it is set to 400px. Don’t forget to add the ‘px’ suffix to the amount!


[map location='New York, 6th Avenue' height='120px']
[map location='New York, Broadway' type='SATELLITE']